2014 Monster

Thank you for joining us at Fuzzy Guppies for a flatwater paddling regatta and race on the Seneca-Cayuga canal in New York. This was our inaugural year (2014).

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Thank Yous

Thank you to:

  • our many volunteers

  • to Fuzzy Guppies for hosting us at their amazing campground, and so much more

  • the Seneca County Sheriff water patrol

  • the Village of Waterloo

  • Norbert - for being a fellow dreamer!

  • our awesome paddling community

  • the US Canoe Association

  • Dylon Bowser, Edward Bills, Stacy Bello, Kelli Shaffner, Anna Hineline, Justin Hausner, Norbert Hausner & Colleen Hausner, & Crystal Wells

-Jeff Hogue