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Regatta Route

This Race and Adventure starts at:

Riverpark Commons
1304 Waterloo Geneva Road
Waterloo, NY 13165

Next door to our friends at Fuzzy Guppies.

There is a 4 mile "Adventure" course for all manner of paddlecraft (non-competitive), 
and a 13 mile race course.

Google Map of the Course (click here)

A KML of the course is attached below, for map nerds.

Race Course: 13 miles
Course:   (map)
Waterloo, NY (RiverPark Commons near Fuzzy Guppies) west to near Seneca Lake (circle Adventure Island), then back east past Waterloo, carry around the Waterloo lock, paddle to Van Cleef Lake (414 bridge) and back west to RiverPark Commons. 

Adventure/Open Touring Course:
Distance: 3-4 miles.  Start at RiverPark Commons near Fuzzy Guppies, paddle west to circle Adventure Island (near Kendig Creek), around the island, and back to RiverPark Commons. 

Mini Monster Regatta Course.kml
Jeff Hogue,
Oct 5, 2014, 4:59 PM